Troy Tagliarino

I have always been drawn to the path less traveled, despite having done all the things one is traditionally supposed to do—marriage, raised three amazing daughters to adulthood, while achieving success working hard for a huge corporation. It was a good life, but one defined by other’s expectations as much as my own. That journey was satisfying, but it had become too comfortable, the path too easy. A rockier road called. It was time to set new expectations and embark on a new journey in a new direction. 

Artist Statement

I believe our most human trait, that which separates us from baboons and other higher primates, is our ability to tell stories. Narrative is the basis of our understanding of the world around us, and more importantly, it is the foundation of how we understand ourselves. Narrative allows us to remember our past, make sense of our present and envision our future. It enables us to find meaning in the journey of our existence, but perhaps, narrative’s most important benefit is that it gives us the ability to share our journey with others and in turn share in their’s as well. I invite you to join me on my journey and share in my narrative. I promise you, that I have no idea where we are going. The world is too big and too interesting to set limits. We might wander over here, or poke around over there, who knows where we will go. All I can tell you is that we will find joy in the journey.